The Way


It was last December when I first talked to Derrick about being part of CLA’s next church plant.  Brie and I love CLA and we’ve always known that a transition would have to be Holy Spirit inspired.  We felt God calling us out of our comfort zone and Derrick and a PAOC assessment process helped confirm that our vision to plant in Vancouver alongside Jason & Rachael Ballard and Chris & Diandra Price was from the Lord.  

60 years ago my grandparents built a church in Vancouver called Marineview Chapel and they also started the church with two other couples. Through their step of faith they saw amazing years of revival in the city as the Spirit moved in powerful ways. Early in our decision-making process, I talked to my Grandma about her journey. Although they were met with criticism about planting as a team and building without a sizeable congregation, they never hesitated because they knew Jesus had called them. Their story gives me courage! 

We will be planting a church that will be supported by several churches and denominations. Like my grandparents we see that there’s uniqueness to what we’re doing as a team, but we believe that the uniqueness is of God. 

Historically CLA has always taken bold steps when it comes to building the kingdom of God in our region.  I feel deeply honoured to be part of representing what our leadership feels is a new step of faith in this season. In this unique partnership, CLA is leading as the primary planting Church making it possible for other churches and organizations to partner as well. CLA as our sending church means a lot to us and with Derrick on our Board we will maintain a close relationship with CLA and PAOC. 

We have a conviction to plant a Word centred, Spirit empowered, church multiplying movement in the heart of Vancouver. These values of Word, Spirit and multiplication are values practiced by CLA and it’s our desire to follow the example that’s been shown to us. People in Vancouver need to be introduced to the unchanging truth of God’s word and experience the radical power of the Spirit. We are praying that this step would lead to seeing these things take place in a greater way! 

So far we have 60 people committed to plant the church with us! A lot of those people are already living in Vancouver and others feel the call to move into the city with us. As you pray for The Way, please remember this growing team who are counting a personal cost to be part of this church.

If you have questions about how to get involved or support CLA’s new church plant, join us for an info gathering tomorrow Mon Oct 28 at 6pm in the CLA cafe.

We love CLA. We are grateful for the many ways we have been encouraged, uplifted, prayed for and empowered already. Hope to see many of you tomorrow!

.–Jeremy King Young Adults Pastor 

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