Tributaries of "Living Water"


For British Columbians, the August long weekend signals the midway point of our summer. Today people will be visiting If I was asked to describe CLA to a guest I would say that we are a family of five generations on a mission to bring God’s Kingdom to earth. Transformation. Like a river, we bring life to wherever our tributaries carry the “living water”.

Last week Pastor Mike and Laura announced there could be significant change coming to their lives. After returning from a three-month sabbatical, Pastor Mike feels called by God to return to be a Lead Pastor. He and Laura have been asked to let their name stand for a congregation to consider this. As you likely know, a pastor becomes a pastor of a local church by the vote of their membership. This is a significant step of faith and obedience that comes after much seeking of God. Mike and I have been talking about this for many months. I love the Bidell’s, we work very closely and in tandem with God’s vision for CLA. It has been hard for me to consider this. Yet, I would never hold anyone back from what they feel is God’s guidance. This is another illustration of CLA being a river of living water to bless the earth. As we release people into their future, they thrive, and the Kingdom of God is blessed. We have seen this through Resonate Church in Coquitlam, Citizen’s Church in Surrey and now The Way Church in Vancouver. Healthy churches multiply. Kingdom Churches release their best. Sometimes that is painful, but God is glorified through our selflessness.

Here is part of a letter Pastor Mike wrote to our staff last week. Please continue to pray for the Bidell’s as they walk this path of confirmation.

“Today we were formally invited to allow our names to stand as candidates for a Lead Pastorate at another church in Canada. With a sense of faith in God’s guidance, calling and timing, we have accepted. If you are familiar with how this works within the PAOC you will know that there are still some steps ahead including “Preaching for a Call” and a congregational vote. These will take place in August. Barring any serious surprises, our hope would be to have our family moved in time for the start of the new school year.

As you can appreciate, coming to this decision has not come about quickly, easily, or without a wide mix of emotion. Through it all, God’s faithfulness has been revealed and direction made clear. We’re also so thankful that this journey has not been alone. We are grateful to family, close friends and mentors for their prayer and input. We are also both so very grateful to Pastor Derrick. Through this whole journey he has been so caring and kind – a true friend for life (and, he’d want me to note, he’s worked very hard to have us stay…but God’s direction has become clear). Our love for Derrick, CLA, and you our teammates is very deep and we are going to miss you and being on this awesome team.”

Pastor Derrick

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