Universe Unlimited

Langley: July 22-28 | Maple Ridge: July 29-August 2

Next week, July 22-26, over 300 energetic children will blast off together beyond the backyard and into our Universe Unlimited Summer Camp. Together with over 130 volunteers we will spend the week exploring the spectacular plan of God as we encourage each other to shine like stars in the world! 

The children will use their voices to worship, their hands to create and their feet to run and jump! With their whole heart, mind and soul they will enter into new relationships with their leaders, friends and most importantly their Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ. We use music, skits and Bible lessons that come alive to capture the imagination of children. We’ll explore together the Creation of Heaven and Earth, the sorrow of the Fall, God’s wonderful plan of redemption (celebrating Christmas in July!), Jesus’ incredible sacrifice on the cross and end the week with Jesus welcoming his disciples to have breakfast on the beach and continue in relationship with him forever. Jesus still calls each and every one of us to cast our nets out for a big catch! This is an incredible journey and an immense opportunity to share it with children! 

Please pray for God’s strength and favour on every volunteer! Pray for God’s presence to penetrate every child’s heart, that they would feel God’s love through real people who have given of their time, talent and energy! Pray that one week of camp wouldn’t just come and go, but it would make a lasting impact of children’s eternity. Pray that together we would represent the Spirit empowered church!

And as we enjoy restful summer days that melt away into the autumn months, may God spark a flame in many hearts and minds about how to be involved in such a foundational ministry, investing in the next generation. We have Kids Church, not to make the adult service more manageable, but to intentionally and enthusiastically teach children the truth of God’s Word, the truth that makes us all free. These little minds are like sponges that soak up the Word of God! It is a worthy investment and an eternal one, one that may just surprise you as a young adult, a parent, a grandparent or whatever stage you are in! 

“Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.” Psalm 127:3

–Jenni Colwell Family Pastor 

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