Volunteer Appreciation


As a new Jesus-follower, Jake became my spiritual mentor. He was never too busy to study the Bible with me, pray with me, and patiently answered my many spiritual questions. He taught me what loving Jesus, following Jesus and serving Jesus looks like. He not only taught Bible truths, he modelled them. At a youth basketball game, Dave rolled his ankle. Dropping to the floor, he rolled around, wincing in pain and even crying. Without hesitation, Jake called me and some other youth to Dave’s side. There, he called us to pray for Dave’s healing. Then, Jake—in Jesus-like fashion—commanded Dave to stand on his feet. Dave did. Then he ran and jumped around, praising God. What a gift Jake was to me, my youth group and church. No, Jake wasn’t my youth pastor; he was a volunteer youth leader.

Throughout Christian Life Assembly there are countless Jake’s and Jackie’s—Godly men and women living out their faith, and selflessly serving so others can come to know, love and serve Jesus. Teams of Jake’s and Jackie’s serve hundreds of children and their families, both inside and outside our campuses.

Pastor Jenni, Pastor Laurel and Pastor Carl want you all to know: We are so very grateful for each and every one of you.

Like Jake in my life, many Jake’s and Jackie’s serve our preteens and teens, modelling how they too can serve Jesus.

Pastor Peter and Pastor Jordan deeply thank each of you for your many sacrifices made!

When we gather in our buildings, Jake’s and Jackie’s are everywhere, welcoming everyone into our church buildings and auditoriums, serving up a smile and delicious beverages, and making our time with God and His people warm and inviting. Wendy Gerbrandt, Ray Beutel, and all of our pastors thank you for serving us with such love and kindness! Thank you to CLA’s technical teams, worship singers and musicians who give of their time and talents so God’s Spirit and Word can transform us all each week! Your service to God and our church is especially appreciated now; while we have been isolated, you have reminded us we are never alone! We cannot highlight all of CLA’s amazing Jake’s and Jackie’s, because you are simply too many. However, next week, Sunday June 21, we look forward to thanking and honouring all of you, our most amazing volunteers!

Pastor Rob Bedard

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