Volunteer Appreciation Sunday


Whoever first claimed, “The greatest workforce is a paid workforce,” obviously had little knowledge of Greek history. Although the reigning empire, the ancient Persians paid their soldiers to fight, they were conquered by a volunteer army, the Greeks. I suspect history has something to teach us here: When King Philip, and later, his infamous son Alexander the Great, won the hearts of their volunteer army, they poised themselves to also win over a more committed, determined and sacrificial workforce than any paid army.
Now please don’t misunderstand me. I often affirm that Christian Life Assembly has the good fortune to have on staff some of Canada’s most talented and skilled staff members – I say this often and believe it always. Nevertheless, I rigorously defend that CLA’s greatest workforce are our 1370+ volunteers. These oft-unseen and unsung heroes generously sacrifice of their valuable time, talent and treasures, because King Jesus has indeed won over their hearts! In gratitude to God and obedience to Him, they serve both God and us with their giftings. Tirelessly, CLA’s volunteers serve to see God’s Kingdom advance in our church and community, while receiving no compensation and little recognition.
Our greatest workforce, our volunteers, are shining stars in our midst. Many of our volunteers can be spotted going the second mile. We see dozens of them praying for us at the front of the auditorium and back of the balcony every Sunday. Others prepare, distribute and clean up our communion cups. Some assist us find just the right book in our library with just the right message at just the right time in our spiritual journeys, while others care for and teach our children and youth. Many brew our specialty coffees, prepare food for sudden funerals or for other functions. Dozens melodically play their musical instruments, while others brighten our stage with lights and lyrics. Year-in and year-out CLA’s volunteers serve with excellence and without complaint, showing up early and leaving late, and always serving with a smile. They demonstrate what Christlike humility and teachability look like, and model to both young and old of faith what it truly means to love God by serving others. CLA’s volunteers are living proof we were all saved to serve, not to sit; and serve they do with gusto.
Look around you today for volunteers; and then say a heartfelt thank you to them for all they do.
–Rob Bedard Associate Pastor, Serve

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