We Are Not Shut Down


We Are Not Shut Down

A word from Pastor Derrick

I want to reiterate some important points regarding CLA’s position and pandemic protocols.

  1. We (CLA) have laid down our “rights” for the benefit of the weak, vulnerable and neighbours (whatever those rights may be, and they may need to be further defined by the Supreme Court of Canada). This is the most important point! Like Jesus, (read Philippians 2:3-8) we have LAID DOWN OUR POSITION.
  2. We are not shut down, we are partially reduced. Even in this most strict season we still have Recovery Church, Rev Youth (and youth in MR), UTurn, Freedom Session and Bus Ministry and City Serve. Yes, we are reduced but to think that Sunday is what CLA is all about is to miss the mission.
  3. We are active in dialogue, reassessment, and planning. The board decided to remain compliant to health orders. If we feel there is a time to make adjustments we will.
  4. Pick your fight, know your timing. Provincial court cases are not as significant as the national cases that define and defend Religious Rights and can only be made by the Supreme Court justices. We support the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and the PAOC, both of which are given intervener status at the Supreme Court.
  5. Prayer is a primary avenue of attack. We are praying for a reversal, for wisdom, that our people would be protected and aided in their weaknesses and for our good deeds and witness. 

The vast majority have indicated support. To those who do not agree with our approach we extend grace and clarity to aid in the trust we need to move forward.

Pastor Derrick

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