What Will You Do Today?


What Will You Do Today?
A Word from Pastor Rob

Happy New Year! Those three words are pregnant words, considering the year we have left behind. Many could not say “Good riddance!” fast enough to 2020 – a year upset by cancelled travel plans, government health orders, and social disruptions. For some 2020 marks the year they were infected with Covid-19; or worse, they lost loved ones who fell victim to this virus.

Although a spoof, I couldn’t help but chuckle when I recently saw the “Back to The Future” meme where in 1984 Doc Brown gave Marty McFly the stern time-travel warning: “Marty, whatever happens, don’t ever go to 2020!”

While 2020 was challenging for many, and brutal for others, may I dare ask you: Looking back at 2020, what highlight can you point to and thank God for? Unless you squeezed it in before March 13, your highlight probably wasn’t that trip of a lifetime you planned and saved for, or that graduation aisle for years you dreamed about walking down all gowned and glowing. Stop and think long and hard at this past year. Search for one, or maybe two, highlights. Though highlights in 2020 may be fewer and harder to spot than most years, look carefully. They are there, perhaps hidden beneath the dark, heavy cloak of 2020 – a year infected with Covid-19.

The biggest highlight of my family in 2020 took place, would you believe, on March 28, just two weeks after the lockdown? That day will forever mark the jubilant wedding day of our oldest son, Cameron, to his beautiful bride, Courtney.

As you embark onto the adventures laid out before you in 2021, what will your highlights be? Just like in 2020, God only knows. One thing is for sure: Whether a wedding, a trip of a lifetime, or graduating from high school, college or university, the best highlights almost always happen when we intentionally work at them day after day. Think about it: Graduations actual begin to form on the day we start school and are built upon every day after.

What you do today will determine your tomorrow. So what will you do today to grow closer to Jesus tomorrow? What will you do today to strengthen your marriage tomorrow? What will you do today to spiritually raise your children tomorrow? Since tomorrow’s highlights are born out of today’s choices and practices, dear friends, choose well in 2021!

Pastor Rob Bedard

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