Word from the Pastor - JASON BALLARD


A few months ago we announced that in September 2020 Rachael and I, along with Jeremy and Brie King, will be launching a new church in Vancouver.  

Over the past few months the pastoral team has thoughtfully considered how to best transition Jeremy and I from our current roles. We decided together that the best pathway was for me to conclude my time as a pastor at CLA at the end of May 2019. This allows me to reallocate my hours at CLA towards church planting, while Jeremy will continue on in his role through the fall and into 2020. 

Our youth ministry team is strong and ready for this transition.  We are thrilled that Peter Yoon returned to full time ministry at CLA earlier this month and he is joining Breanne, Cara and Jaden. If you know those four you will realize that we are blessed to have such an incredible and capable youth team.  

I love CLA with my whole heart. My wife and I were married here, our children were dedicated here and some of my best friendships have been found here. 

Serving as a pastor at CLA has been one of the great honours of my life. In particular, this last season overseeing youth and young adults has been especially meaningful. CLA has taught me about generosity, passion, audacity in mission and, most importantly, love. 

While today is not my last Sunday as a part of the CLA family, today is my last Sunday as a pastor at CLA. So, I want to thank you for letting me pastor in such a wonderful community. You have modelled for me what a healthy church family looks like and I am filled with optimism about what is in store for this community.  

While I am excited about the future, those feelings are mixed with sadness as we say goodbye to the community, home and ministry that we have loved for so long. The church of Jesus has always been a sending church. We are here, worshipping God in Langley in 2019 because in the first centuries of the church, individuals left the communities they loved to plant new churches. I imagine there were tears of sadness and joy then too. 

You can find out more about the church plant at

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