Year of Salvation - Year of Prayer


Not only is CLA entering a new year, we are entering a new decade. It’s a decade with great possibility for our church. A church dedicated to bringing transformation to a broken world is much needed. Our gatherings, discipleship, serving of each other and outreach towards the community is a ministry philosophy that is both biblical and important to export. We can do this through our campuses, church plants, and by sending our apprentices to work for the Kingdom of God. In 2020 we will partner with The Way church plant in Vancouver. If we were able to multiply CLA every 2 years, perhaps this next decade would see new campuses and churches throughout the Lower Mainland. A decade of multiplication and salvation. A decade worthy of our sacrifice and hard work. The commission of Christ and dire spiritual needs of our world demand nothing less of us. 

If we are to see God’s glory through salvation, transformation, and multiplication it will be a result of divine grace and prayer. Prayer is the key to faith and forward spiritual motion. Prayer is the fuel for the future move of God. Prayer is vital for spiritual awakening. Prayer is necessary for our connection with God and to help others connect with Him. Prayer is both a spiritual discipline and mystery to be explored and experienced. 

In this season of fresh starts there are many challenges being placed before people. Exercise, diet and fiscal challenges to help people reach new levels of health and living. Today I want to set before you a prayer challenge. The 40 day prayer challenge will awaken your heart to the voice of God. It will introduce you to prayer with another person and build accountability in your life. The prayer card you receive will be a guide to the Week of Prayer and the 40 days of prayer. Our children are also receiving the Prayer Cards. This can be something that deepens family spirituality as couples covenant to pray together and children enter in through family devotions. Seize the challenge. Let your walk with Jesus grow and your witness be enhanced.

This week we launch the 2020 Week of Prayer. Each night for 6 nights we will gather in the Conference Hall for a prayer service at 7 pm. The first week of January is purposefully slower than other weeks. Can I ask you to do four things this week?

1. Place the Prayer Card in your Bible and start the 40 day prayer challenge by using the 10 steps each day. If you begin with 1 or 2 minutes per step you will be praying 15-20 a day. Think about who you might ask to join you after day 10. 2. Come to the Sunday night prayer service as it is the first night and only night specifically focused on inviting God into our lives and His goals for 2020. We meet at 7 pm in the Conference Hall. 3. Look at your week and see if one or two other nights might work for you to attend the prayer services as we look at two points of the Prayer Card each night. 4. Remember to set aside time on Friday to pray for your Friday Five. 

–Derrick Hamre Lead Pastor 

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