You. Are. Enough.


We are all formed in the image of God (Genesis 1:26-27). Each person on this planet bears the capacity to display a unique and divinely inspired reflection – a truth that bestows intrinsic value on each and every life. Our identity is made to reflect the goodness and glory of God and yet somehow, one of the biggest human struggles is feeling accepted in who we are, in our identity. Feeling like we don’t measure up, like we don’t fit in, like we are missing the mark, do you ever feel that way? If I were the devil, I’d make it a top priority to attack identity. I’d do my very best to try to destroy the feeling of accepted and loved, cherished and valued… why? Because if our identity is confused then the mirror in which we reflect God’s image is muddied and misunderstood. It would keep us from walking upright in who we truly are and from living the life we were truly meant to live.

Moms, I want to speak to you for a minute. The sacrificial love that we give to our children – ok let’s be real here, we give that love to everyone! – we often forget to extend to ourselves. We can beat ourselves up, we carry the mom-guilt of not doing enough, or the regret of that one time we put our precious baby’s pacifier back in their mouth without rinsing it first. You were made to reflect the maternal nature of God, not carry the self-inflicted (or society-inflicted?) burden of being perfect. Pastor Laurel Archer has written a short poem to express just how simple and profound your love is:

Formed in God’s image to be
daughters, mothers, friends, lovers,
defenders, protectors, creators,
comforting, helping, leading,
our mothers selflessly give.

God’s maternal nature is gifted to us
in every pb and jelly on bread,
and the way moms’ drop everything,
anything, just to be there, to be near,
to hear about life’s unsolvable mess.

We’re really to learn by example,
and try to be mom-like to others:
defending the helpless, loving the friendless,
and giving beyond what there’s to give.

Dear friend, in Christ: You. Are. Enough. You are exactly who your kids need. Your kids need you to love Jesus and point them to Him and His perfect ways. May this Mother’s Day be one in which you feel the deep pleasure and delight that God takes in you! Happy Mother’s Day.

Pastor Laura Bidell

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