To share the love of Christ in our daily lives, by providing people with opportunities to serve & connect together.

Volunteer Opportunities with CityServe!

Breakfast & Lunch Programs

This year Cityserve will continue our focus in the Local Schools. We have been building our relationship within the schools since the launch of BC BOL in 2010 at the elementary school level.

Through connections made at Douglas Park Elementary we have been invited to be a part of the Langley Secondary School Breakfast Program and the HD Stafford Middle School Lunch Program. We are looking for volunteers that would like to be a part of this fun and rewarding way to get out in the community. For more information please email us.

NightShift Street Ministries

NightShift Street Ministries serves on the street in the evenings. They have been providing nightly outreach for people stuck in the cycle of poverty, addiction and homelessness in since 2004. They do this with hot meals, warm clothing, conversation, basic nursing and counselling, and most importantly, unconditional love. NightShift is more than soup

Once a month CLA is partnering with NightShift to host a meal to the homeless community in Langley. For more information please email us.

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