Develop The Leader In You: Leader Training

Wednesdays, March 11 - April 8 ,2020 | 6:30pm -9:00pm | East Chapel 
COST: $40.00 (includes $35.00 StrengthsFinder Assessment)

Even if you don’t have a title to prove it, you too are a leader! Think about it: You may lead your family through good and tough times; you may lead your friends to make best decisions for a better tomorrow; you may lead your co-workers toward a shared vision and preferred future; and you may lead other Christ-followers to love and worship God by serving Jesus and His church through the power of the Holy Spirit, and so fulfill God’s unique calling for your life. If you sense God has poised you to lead others, whatever you do, don’t start there. Start with developing the leader in you. Until you can lead yourself, you will never successfully, or with any longevity, be able to lead others. 

Is it time overdue to develop the unique kind of leader God is calling you to become? Are you longing to do greater things for God in and through your life and ministry? Become a better leader tomorrow by developing the leader in you today. Through this newly launching training course at CLA, “Develop The Leader In You,” Pastor Rob Bedard will help developing leaders learn the following, and so much more:

  • How to lead the way Jesus led
  • How Jesus launched and led His worldwide, ever-enduring movement
  • What the five exemplary practices of great leaders are
  • How to lead others from an emotionally healthy place
  • How to produce and protect team unity
  • How to positively contribute to a team
  • How to properly lead a healthy team
  • How to effectively recruit others around you
  • How to properly delegate authority and tasks
  • How to lead others through mastering interpersonal skills
  • How to hold crucial conversations
  • How to hear what others are really saying
  • How to successfully resolve conflict
  • How to set healthy boundaries
  • The ways God develops Godly leaders

Isn’t it about time you get serious about God’s call for you to lead yourself and then others? If so, then sign up for “Develop The Leader In You,” and together let’s get growing!