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For over 20 years CLA has been in partnership with the Villages of Hope in Africa. We have seen the impact Villages of Hope has had caring for over 4,000 children in the 9 villages in 6 countries. The ‘Boxes of Love’ project gives you a chance to pack a box for a child. When a child receives a box, they are reminded that they are loved by God and not forgotten. 

Once a year, the congregations of Christian Life Assembly and participating churches fill shoeboxes with various items (school supplies, toys, candy, soap, clothes etc.) for the children in the Villages of Hope located in Kitwe, Chongwe, Mongu and Luongo. 

This year the boxes have been PRE-LABBELED BY AGE AND GENDER. You can choose a box for boy or girl, ages: 5-6, 7-10 or 11-13. Please follow the item list inside your box.

Get started:

  1. Choose box of age and gender of child you would like to fill a box for. Boxes are available at all CLA campuses and some participating partner churches
  2. Fill your box with a variety of age and gender appropriate gifts using the provided list as a guide.
  3. Enclose $10 (or more) in the envelope provided to help cover shipping costs.
  4. Place the envelope inside the box, on top of its contents, so that it is clearly visible.
  5. Close box lid flat and hold closed with 1 or 2 elastic bands.
  6. Be sure the label on the lid of your box is clearly marked for gender and age group.
  7. Bring your filled boxes to CLA Langley on October 31.

Please note: Boxes returned after October 31 may not make it into the shipment to Zambia.

New This Year!

We are also collecting gently used or new clothing for girls and boys ages 14 - 18. Place donations in bins marked BOL CLOTHES DONATIONS, in the main foyer on Sundays or Reception during the week (M-F | 9-5pm).

Items include: t-shirts, jeans, long pants, smart-casual shirts, shoes, sandals, flip flops, baseball caps 

Sponsor A Box

You can give towards a box using HERE. Boxes are $50. With your donation, we will be able to purchase items in large quantities to fill enough boxes to ensure every child gets one.

THE MISSION of VOH Africa is to bring lasting hope to orphans and vulnerable children throughout Africa by providing them with holistic (emotional, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual) and loving care so they can embrace adulthood as contributing members of society.

THE VISION of VOH Africa is that all children are loved and cared for. Your participation in the Boxes of Love Zambia project helps bring love and hope to individual children from the age of infancy to high school. Each one has a special place in the heart of God.

“When children experience God’s love and message of salvation and hope, they grow up to be adults who are more likely to change their family, their community, and even their nation for the good.”
Sergio Bersaglio, Executive Director VOH

Thank you for your act of love by reaching out and impacting a child through BOXES OF LOVE ZAMBIA.

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