Global Leadership Summit

  • Ministry
    Leader Development
  • Location
  • Date
    October 20-21, 2022 | 9 am


You and those around you are facing burnout, broken relationships, a divided culture, seemingly endless conflicts, emotionally exhausted teams, and an undefined path ahead. The future is waiting for your vision, your ideas, your action, and your leadership. The future is listening. The future is now.

Gathering with a global community of change-driven, growth-minded, hope-filled people like you, on October 20-21 discover how to voice your vision for a better future.

With 25+ years of experience delivering fresh, practical, hope-filled leadership development training within a supportive community, The Global Leadership Summit has become more than a two-day conference—it’s an invitation to refresh your leadership perspective and skill.


This experience builds into your leadership by also strengthening your leadership network. CLA is once again a Premier Host Site and this year, and the GLS will be streamed into our venue where, as a participant, you’ll be supplied with event resources, refreshments, local hosts and networking opportunities. Join us October 20-21.

Register today for the best rate! (Host Site Discounted (Early Bird) for those who call CLA home ends September 27)

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