LeadYoung | Module 1

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    Sundays | January 9 - March 6

Every leader was a kid once. LeadYoung shows you how to identify and develop them!

We believe the single most strategic time for developing leaders of character and competence is the preteen years of 10-13. The reason is that while cognitions are elevated at this age, character is still pliable. Because life experience is still limited, we rely heavily on developing the natural leadership talent identified through an online assessment that adults take on the preteen, called a Social Influence Survey.

Every now and then, an idea emerges that has the potential to truly revolutionize society. Unlike most leadership programs that focus only on adults, LeadYoung targets leaders while they’re moldable, not moldy. Many programs talk about leadership, but focus on things unrelated to organizational change or helping teams accomplish what they could not otherwise. LeadYoung focuses solely on developing leadership skills. This project-based, experiential, organizational leadership training curricula is modelled after executive programs but age-sized for 5 developmental phases.

Module 1 of LeadYoung will run on Sunday nights, 6 - 8 PM starting January 9.

If you are interested in having your leader participate in this module of LeadYoung, please go to https://leadyoungtraining.com/nyli/ to fill out the Nelson’s Young Leader’s inventory.  It consists of 30 multiple choice questions that will take you about 5 minutes to fill out.  Having a teacher or youth pastor fill it out as well would be very helpful for us to determine your child’s leadership aptitude. Add Jenni Colwell as the trainer and my email address jcolwell@clachurch.com.  We both will receive a score out of 5 back.  Typically we are looking for a score of around 3.5 and above.

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