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    Aug 19-21 2021

“What do you mean you’ve never been to ROTW before?? It has been the event of the year for decades! My mom went; my dad went; my great grandparents met at ROTW” ///  We invite you to finally be a part of THE weekend; the epic weekend tradition that's been going on for YEARS.

On a more serious note;  Can you believe it’s been over a year since a global pandemic was declared? Much of the world is still wrestling with its impact in real and personal ways; maybe you can relate all too well. At Rev we wanted to create an experience where we can reflect, praise, and press into the presence of God, but not be naive to how this past year has impacted each one of us.

Maybe you feel like you are carrying the weight of this past year, maybe you feel drained, exhausted and fatigued. Maybe you feel lost and haven’t heard the voice of God in a really long time. Or maybe, you feel more distant from God than you ever have before. Let ROTW redefine direction, fill you with joy, passion and hope for everything Fall 2021 can be!

Leave all insecurities at the door and show your perfectly imperfect self. Here, you can pick yourself up again, laugh again, and leave fear and anxiety behind. Take a deep breath of relief. Get ready to show up. You can be yourself here. Just the way God made you.

Join us at Rev On The Weekend August 19th-21st. Morning and evening sessions, teaching from special guests, worship- and of course: FUN! This is going to be a weekend packed full of activities, food, parties, and of course great time spent with friends!

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