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    November 6

Life can be busy, and despite our best intentions, finding time to commit to a class for multiple weeks can be very difficult to manage for some people. Saturday School is for all who are interested in a one-day learning experience, offering various course options for your faith development and spiritual growth. As part of your class registration, we will share in a common lunch meal together.

Saturday, November 6

Time: 9 AM - 3 PM

Cost is in class descriptions below and includes lunch and any class books.


Discovery, with Pastor Derrick and Sara Lee Hamre

If you’ve been around Christian Life Assembly, even for a brief time, you have probably heard that we are together on mission as a church joining God in transforming our lives, neighbourhoods, nation and world. To accomplish our God-sized mission, we are calling all who call CLA their church home to Gather, Grow, Serve and Go. What does that mean and how exactly do we hope to accomplish our mission?  Join Pastor Derrick and Sara-Lee Hamre in discovering what lies at the very heart of CLA and how you can get involved.

Eternal Debate, with Rob Bedard

Will God really send people to hell? Is hell a place for purging sin or punishing sinners? Will the souls of the damned be punished forever, or will they eventually be annihilated? Heaven, hell and eternity: This is the eternal debate. What does the Bible actually say about Heaven, hell and eternity? More importantly, what does Jesus say to finally settle the eternal debate?

Cost: $20

Life.Money.Legacy, with Dean and Lauren Mitchell

Everybody profits from sound financial planning. In this five-part video series, Life.Money.Legacy, financial expert, Dave Ramsey, will present a biblical perspective of money in entertaining and practical ways. Useful action plans will be presented, enabling learners to handle their personal finances with wisdom and faith, all the while eliminating debt, and building a lasting legacy which can transform generations to come. This one-day class will feature video sessions, table discussions, financial planning exercises, times for questions and answers, and a delicious lunch together. Join us. You can bank on some great learning!

Cost: $20

Walking and Talking with God, with Laurel Archer

God invites us into a dynamic and ever-deepening relationship with him. It can be so much more than simply reading passages of Scripture and saying one-way prayers. Come and spend time expanding your devotional repertoire in a hybrid retreat/instructional format that will engage your mind, your heart, and your body. We’ll use the Glossary of Grow as the launching point of our conversation together.

Cost: $20

With Love: Serve your City, with Mandy Martens

Do you long to share Christ’s love with others, but you are not sure how to do so? Together we will take a deep dive into how we can build a culture of sharing Christ’s love with others, all the while discovering our unique passions and giftings, and ways and places God can use them. We will reflect on our personal testimonies and how they can be used with ease to guide others towards Jesus. Learn to become a leader in your community in a practical way, as you serve your city, with love.

Cost: $20

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