Wednesdays In The Word

  • Ministry
  • Location
    Langley Campus
  • Date
    April 17 - May 22

Does God speak to you? The Bible affirms God speaks to all of us through His Word and also through the still-small voice of His Spirit. Unfortunately, many are not reading His Word, or carefully listening to His Spirit. Something's got to change, don't you think? The Christian life without God speaking to us through His Word and HIs Spirit is not only drudgingly dull, but down-right dangerous! Thing's have got to change, and it starts with us now.

At Christian Life Assembly, we want to help you hear God's voice through hearing what God's Spirit is saying to you through His Word. From April 17 to May 22, we are launching a new six-week initiative called "Wednesdays In The Word." Register for the elective of your choice, and then come with an open mind to learn from God's Word, and an open heart to hear God's Spirit. When you do, God will speak to you, you will hear Him, and you will never be the same again.

Adult Electives To Choose From:

1. Cherish (Marriage Class), with Glenn and Cathy de la Rambelje (couples only)
2. Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace, with Dean and Lauren Mitchell
3. Faith Foundations, with Peter Vermeulen
4. iParent, with Dr. Dave Currie from Doing Family Right Ministry
5. Next Level Leaders, with Rob Bedard
6. Reclaiming Revelation for Ordinary Believers, with Fred Fulford

Children's Elective: (ages 4-11)
Game Changer
, with Pastor Jenni, Pastor Laurel & Family Life Ministry Team

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