July 20 - 24, 2020 | Geared to Ages 4-11


This year CLA Kids Explorers Camp is taking on a new form! The first ever virtual camp begins July 20th in a safe and parent guided environment - your own home. Each box will contain 90-100 minutes of content per day for 5 days, complete with all the supplies you will need for your child to participate fully. This includes a quality wood craft that will be completed over the five days of camp.


We’re digging into the world of BUGS this summer, and the backyard is the perfect setting to explore the BIG LIFE God wants for every one of his children. We’ll sing, dance, create, hear from the BIG GOD STORY, exercise and have a bug inspired science lesson. When you register for camp, you’ll be signed up to receive one box per child from one of our three campus locations.

JULY 20 - 24, 2020

Cost: $20/box and $15 for each child you register after your first.
Why don’t you purchase one for a friend!


Boxes will be available for pick up your box at all three campuses (Langley, Maple Ridge and Sooke) so please remember to indicate which campus you would like to pick up from.


1. What will the box include?

The box will include anything and everything you will need to do camp from your house. Craft supplies, snack ideas, and cool merch too!

2. How long will each day be?

Each day will be approximately 90 minutes per day for 5 days, that will include short segments like, an opening and closing session, a worship component, Bible story, snack and craft section, science lesson, a workout and dance tutorial, memory verse and short animated video that is linked to the day’s story.

3. How much does it cost?

The box will cost $20 for your first registered child and $15 for each additional child. The additional children do not need to be related to you as we are encouraging you to purchase a box for a neighbour or a friend.

4. Do I have to guide my child through the camp?

Typically older children 7 and up should be able to be set up with their box and an appropriate location with an ipad or laptop or T.V. and self-guide themselves through. They will need some space to jump around, exercise, stretch etc. Younger children may need help with the craft and maybe assembling the snack. Please note that The BUG HOTEL will be for outdoor use once completed and therefore the paint will be exterior paint, and we suggest the child sets up the craft station outside or in an area that would not get ruined if there was a spill. They should be wearing a paint shirt or old clothes to do the craft (Tuesday, Wednesday only)

5. Will snack be included in the box?

A snack list will be provided ahead of time so parents can make sure they have the ingredients or adequate substitutes needed to create the bug snacks. Unfortunately, we are unable to send perishable food items in the box.

6. Do I have to participate in the camp on July 20-24th. Can if be done at a different time?

Camp is being launched on July 20th but will be available online afterwards so that you can do camp from wherever, whenever! Once you are sent the videos for camp, you can absolutely choose a week that works for you and your family, any time after the July 20th date. You can do it in the morning, afternoon or evening. You can split it up anyway that works for your schedule and if you feel comfortable you could invite a handful of neighbours or cousins to join in your backyard.

7. What if my child has questions about the content that I can’t answer? Is there a timely way I can get help with answers?

Yes, the CLA Kids staff is available and happy to help! Just send us an email at kids@clachurch.com and one of our staff members will be in touch as soon as possible.

8. Where can I pick up a box?

Boxes will be available for pick up starting July 13 - one week before camp starts - at one of our 3 campuses: Langley, Maple Ridge, or Sooke. Please remember to indicate on your registration form where you would like to pick up your box from.

Please direct your questions to: kids@clachurch.com