Introducing the CLA Mentoring Network

You may be asking, “What is the CLA Mentoring Network?” Great question. In short, it is another way CLA connects mentors bearing rich faith and life experience with mentees who are looking for somebody to talk with about their faith and life.

Because mentoring is a sacred trust – one born out of brotherly or sisterly Christian love – we are committed to matching Godly, mature mentors who will meet with growing mentees for up to six months.

Our mentors may coach, consult, teach and train, but they are not counselors. We leave that to the professionals. It is the mentee's role to bring the challenge and/or question to each mentoring session, and then, through their mentors’ loving and patient questions and dialogues, the mentees settle on their own answers and strategies.

For Mentor or Mentee applications, please click HERE. If you have any questions about how to get involved in the CLA Mentoring Network, please contact Pastor Rob Bedard (

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you mean by “a mentor”? 
A: “A mentor” is not an expert, but an experienced person who has successfully navigated through certain pitfalls along life’s journey.

Q: What do you mean by “a mentee”? 
A: “A mentee” may or may not be younger than the mentor, but s/he is an adult (minimum 18 years old) who desires to successfully navigate through certain pitfalls along life’s journey.

Q: What do you mean by “a mentoring relationship”? 
A: “A mentoring relationship” is a sacred trust between a mentor and mentee. It is a healthy, loving relationship forged between two adults in which the mentee asks the questions and/or identifies the topics for discussion, and the mentor guides a mentee through raising questions and/or suggestions and not through giving answers and/or directions.
NOTE: “A mentoring relationship” is not a counselling relationship; any counselling needs should be referred to professionals.

Q: How much time would be required for a mentoring relationship? 
A: We are asking for 1-2 hours once per month over the next six months from both mentors and mentees.

Q: What happens if it ends up not being a good match?
A: Either the mentor or mentee can formally dissolve the mentoring relationship at any time. NOTE: If this occurs, please communicate this decision with the Mentoring Network Director.

Q: If a mentoring relationship is dissolved, can another be found? 
A: Yes, it is possible.

Q: How do I become a mentor/mentee? 
A: Read and prayerfully consider what is being asked of you as spelled out on this Mentoring Network webpage, and whether or not you are ready to devote the necessary time and energy to invest in this mentoring relationship.

Q: After registering (to be a mentor or a mentor) to join CLA’s Mentoring Network, how long will it take?
A: The Mentoring Network Lead Team will do their best to process your registration/application as soon as possible, and if approved, will try to quickly find a suitable match. To find the right match for you, this may take some time, so we would ask for your patience as we conduct our search.