Vibrant Month of Prayer 2021

In this season of fresh starts, there are many challenges being placed before people. Exercise, diet and fiscal challenges to help people reach new levels of health and living. January is our Month of Prayer. Throughout the month, there is lots happening with in-person prayer gatherings and online connection points, from the Week of Prayer, to a call for 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting, and a daily devotionals series. As a church, when we pray together, God will bring about transformation in our lives, neighbourhoods, nation and world.

This week we launch Vibrant: the 2021 Month of Prayer.

Vibrant Sermon Series

This month our series is on Prayer. You can watch the sermon or listen to the podcast version here. We'll be adding video and podcast links every Monday.

Pastor Derrick Hamre | Jan. 17, 2021

Pastor JOEL REIMER | Jan. 24, 2021

Pastor Mark Colwell | Jan. 3, 2021

Pastor Derrick Hamre | Jan. 10, 2021

Listen here or find us on iTunes or Spotify.

21 Day Prayer & Fasting

Jan. 10 - 30

2021 is a year of expectations considering how 2020 hindsight from this year puts us in desperate need for the Lord to speak to us. We believe that God has everything under HIS control and as we pray and fast, the Lord will heal our land.

Perhaps you are wondering, why fasting & prayer? Can I commit to a 21 day fasting & prayer? Do I have to go without food for 21 days? What happens if I miss a day? Be encouraged, we are all in this together as a body of Christ and want to support each other. This is not unique to CLA, God is speaking to His church around the world and many churches are calling for a 21 day of fasting, to call on God for revival.

The goal of fasting is to draw nearer to God, to dwell in His Holy presence, to be renewed in the Holy Spirit. It hits the reset button of our soul and renews us from the inside out. It also enables us to celebrate the goodness and mercy of God and prepares our hearts for what He has prepared for us. It is a time to earnestly seek God in prayer with a humble heart for personal revival, our families and communities.

Over the 21 days as we fast and pray, there will be opportunity for us to meet together over Zoom to pray. We invite you to join together in these times to be encouraged that you are not alone.

Prayer times are:

7 AM | Daily | Jan. 17 - 30
7 PM | Daily | Jan. 17 - 30

Register to receive the Zoom link to join in every day, or whenever you can.

Resources to help you prepare for a 21 day fast:

This week, perhaps the Holy Spirit is asking you to go deeper in your prayer life. There are different options for fasting of food, or it does not have to be food. For many TV, Social Media, Gaming, Sports or Gossip would be a good idea.

If you are planning to fast food, you are free to fast however the Spirit leads you. Here are some options:

  • Total Fast: Abstain from solid foods for 24 hours. Take only water.
  • Partial Fast: Abstain from solid foods for an extended part of the day. You may fast from sunrise to sundown. Take only water.
  • One Meal Fast: Sacrifice one full meal a day, e.g. Lunch fast or Dinner fast.
  • Daniel Fast: Abstain from meats and other favourite foods. Take only small portions of fresh vegetables, fruit and juices.

Additional resources:

Daily Devotional Video Series

Jan. 17-24 | 8 AM

Everyday for a week starting on Sunday Jan. 17 at 8 AM on our CLA social media platforms, our Pastors will guide us through a devotional that follows the prayer course based on the book, "How To Pray: A simple guide for normal people", by Pete Greig.

Missed a day or don't have a social media account? You can watch the devotionals here, uploaded each day at 9 AM.

Listening | Pastor Jenni Colwell | Jan. 23

Spiritual Warfare | Pastor Debbie Tonn | Jan. 24

Unanswered Prayer | Pastor Doug Frederick | Jan. 21

Contemplative Prayer | Monica Unger | Jan. 22

Petition | Neil Muth | Jan. 19

Intercession | Pastor Marty Mittelstaedt | Jan. 20

Why Pray | Pastor Peter Yoon | Jan. 17

Adoration | Pastor Rob Bedard | Jan. 18

40 Day Prayer Covenant

In this season of fresh starts there are many challenges being placed before people. Exercise, diet and fiscal challenges to help people reach new levels of health and living. Today I want to set before you a prayer challenge. The 40-day prayer challenge will awaken your heart to the voice of God. It will introduce you to prayer with another person and build accountability in your life. The prayer card you receive will be a guide to the Week of Prayer and the 40 days of prayer. Our children are also receiving the Prayer Cards. This can be something that deepens family spirituality as couples covenant to pray together and children enter in through family devotions. Seize the challenge. Let your walk with Jesus grow and your witness be enhanced.

Request for Prayer
Do You Need Prayer?

We would like pray for any need you may have. We have many people praying and believing God to meet you where you are.