A Year of Salvation - Starts Now!

On September 15, 2019, all CLA campuses launched our “Year of Salvation”. Based on I Timothy 2, CLA is reminded that God loves all people and desires us to pray for everyone so that all would be saved.

God’s timing, CLA’s health and our current team of staff and leaders makes this the strategic time for launching the “Year of Salvation”. Every year we see dozens of people come to Christ and follow him in water baptism. This year we are praying “and the Lord added daily to the church those being saved” (Acts 2:47). We are believing for an increase of favour and opportunity. In all areas of CLA, it’s campuses and Langley congregations, we desire to see people of all ages encounter Jesus Christ.

My Friday Five

Hundreds have identified five people in their sphere of influence that need to experience Jesus Christ. Every Friday we are praying for our “Friday Five”. We’ve gathered over 5,000 names of family, friends, co-workers and neighbours that are being prayed for. Imagine that! If you missed the opportunity to fill out your Friday Five Card and would like to, go to the link below to fill out a form online or you can fill out the prayer card in the seat pocket at church. It’s perforated so you keep half and we keep half. Just pass the card in during offering or at Guest Services.

Text Reminders

If you would like a reminder to pray on Friday’s for your five, text the word “salvation” to 604-210-8831.

Stories of Salvation

We want to hear what God is doing in this year of salvation.