When we have the boldness to tell God honestly how we feel, even if it does not sound theologically correct, yet is gut-honest, something awesome happens.


We are in the midst of an incredible season of youth ministry in our church. What we’ve seen happen in Rev over the past few months is unprecedented and this has a lot to do with the strength of our leaders.


When we talk community, we are really talking about Spiritual Friendship. Friendship that is more than just a person to drink coffee with or to talk about the Seahawks game with. It is someone who can ‘stab us in the front’ and inquire deeper.


Revolution exists to reach students far from God and teach them to live in response to who Jesus is. A big part of what we do in order to live out that mission is our weekly gatherings.


Our generation’s obsession with Social Media is the subject of endless discussion, research and analysis. We can read article after article posted, questioning: “Facebook, good or bad?” or ”Social media -- is it destroying this generation?”


I’ve been working at CLA for 12 years and I love my job. Friends and family members often ask why I’m still working here and that’s because working at a church, or any non-profit for that matter, does not offer the same prestige, compensation potential and promotion opportunity that many for profit businesses do. So why do I work at CLA?