Word from the Pastor

Break the Cycles

During the month of February, we give special focus to how God is using us as his hands and feet all over the world. I’m thrilled to unveil our theme “Break the Cycles” as I know you will be excited about our objectives. God has made us ready for these days.

I am so excited about February’s month of Global Emphasis. Why? I’m thrilled to unveil our theme “Break the Cycles” as I know you will be excited about our objectives. After a month of prayer, a Sunday mini-series focused on giving and with CLA’s special call to bring transformation, God has made us ready for these days. I’m thrilled about the next four Sundays, our project to raise a quarter of a million dollars and the special events we’ve planned (yes, in the middle of restrictions and a pandemic). As we emerge from the global pandemic, I’m believing that 2022 will be a new chapter of hope and opportunities, with short term missions prospects opening up. Are you ready to “join God in transforming lives, neighbourhoods, our nation and world”? Let’s get moving! Here is how you can be involved.

First, make the next 4 Sunday mornings a priority. I apologize that we had technical difficulties last week. It was a challenge for those who joined us at 10am online or later on demand. I’m thrilled that many of you went to our YouTube channel and watched a message that you had missed earlier (good thinking). We have fixed the feed to the internet and the lighting issues. We are ready to go. Join us. Come live to Langley (or any other campus) at 10 am OR join us online for worship, prayer, and our missionary guests. You will want to hear what they have to say. It will be both informative and inspirational.

Take the list of global workers and local partners we have prepared for you and place it in your Bible or beside your bed. Make prayer for these workers and their “words and deed” part of your spiritual disciplines. Every month we spend about $25,000 in support of 30 partners and projects. For example, each month we give $2,000 to help Pastor Christo in Chennai, India with his church building project. In addition, we give money to support Christo and Sarah as Global workers. That’s over $3000 a month for one partner (just one example). Although money is important it’s only part of our commitment. We must pray for our partners.

Join in on our special events. There is a men’s morning missions service on Saturday, Feb 12. How about the men from your Life Group buy a table and sit together (an idea from our Life Group)? There is a women’s morning missions service too (February 16), check it out online. We also need some volunteers to help load the Boxes of Love on to the container we are sending to Africa. If you want to help, send Peter Paluch (one of our missionary partners) a note at ppaluch@clachurch.com Also, there is a Saturday School on February 26 with a Short Term Missions class. Will you be short-term mission-bound this year? Then this is for you. Come discover what a short-term missions trip is really like.

Consider two mission gift opportunities. As good stewards of what God has entrusted us, we have an opportunity to “sow financial seeds” into the Kingdom of God. First, we are endeavoring to raise $250,000 to help buy a property in Southeast Asia to bring young women out of human trafficking and into a new life with new opportunities. Can you say redemption? I bet you can! Also, we would love each family to give a special offering to our General Missions fund so we can continue to support our 30 partners and projects. We do not always meet our financial goals (especially in the summer months) so it’s important for us to have a good February. And, as the Spirit would prompt you, you can support any of our partners at any time with a special financial gift designated to them specifically. Praying God would guide your giving this month.