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Is Tithing Biblical?

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Pastor Derrick PreachingPastor Derrick Preaching

Praying Like Jesus

Week of Prayer
Derrick Hamre
Pastor Doug preaching on stage Pastor Doug preaching on stage

Shepherds and the Purpose Beyond the Purpose

First Christmas
Doug Frederick
Jenni preaching about first Christmas Dec 12 Jenni preaching about first Christmas Dec 12

Set a Plate for Jesus

First Christmas
Jenni Colwell
Laurel Archer preaching on the stageLaurel Archer preaching on the stage

Mary's Story

First Christmas
Laurel Archer
Derrick Hamre preaching at CLADerrick Hamre preaching at CLA

This Is Not What I Expected

First Christmas
Derrick Hamre
pastor mark preachingpastor mark preaching

I am Giving

Follow Me
Mark Colwell
Derrick PreachingDerrick Preaching

I am Persevering

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Derrick Hamre
Chad PreachingChad Preaching

I am a Mentor

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Chad Langerud
Derrick Hamre preachingDerrick Hamre preaching

I am on Mission

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Derrick Hamre
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