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Life Group FAQ's

What do Life Groups do?
All Life Groups leaders are resourced with several options for their Life Groups to use. Some use videos from RightNow Media (the Christian Netflix of Small Group material!), or books and study guides from our Life Group Library. In addition to discussion/study times, groups also gather in prayer, celebrating Communion, eating meals together and together serving and reaching their neighbours.
How often do groups meet?
Groups meet on different days and times throughout the week. Some meet weekly, while others meet every other week. Our Group search page has details on each Life Group, including the city, day and time of gatherings, and frequency of Life Group gatherings.
What about summer?
Most of our Life Groups take a break during the summer, but many still gather together occasionally during summer months.
Are children welcome?
Not all Life Groups have children present, but some provide care, while others involve their children in family-friendly discussions and activities.

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