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Our desire is to come alongside people through the joys
and challenges of life.

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Counsellors CLA works with are a tremendous resource, equipped and trained to help you navigate whatever you are going through.

Divorce Care

If you have experienced divorce or separation and are looking for a support group to help you during this healing process, get in touch with us to find out about the next meeting time. Groups run once a year at the Langley campus for thirteen weeks on Thursday evenings. **Note: Will resume Fall 2024.

Grief Share

Have you experienced the loss of a loved one? Join a support group and find help and healing for the hurt. Groups run twice a year at the Langley campus for 13 weeks on Thursday evenings. To find out more and to register

Marriage Preparation

If you are wishing to get married by a CLA Pastor, you are required to have Marriage Preparation with them. You will complete a “Prepare” questionnaire and then you and your spouse will connect with a CLA Pastor to talk about real issues and real solutions tailored to your unique relationship. For more information and to register connect with us below.

Marriage Ministry

It is our goal to provide marriages within CLA with a variety of opportunities throughout the year so that they may grow and flourish. If you and your spouse are feeling like you may need to work on a healthier marital relationship, or if you feel you need to put time and effort into a marriage that is already flourishing, we have something for you to choose from.


Are you or a family member in need of a personal visit at a hospital, care facility, hospice, or home? We would love to comfort those who need healing and peace as we visit and pray.

Two women praying together.

Prayer needs often don't wait for a meeting. Thankfully we have intercessors who will drop everything to ask God to intervene in the case of an emergency. Anytime you have a need or you have a need for someone who is in trouble. Don't hesitate to share you prayer requests with our team.


At every moment we have individuals praying around the clock. Some 300 people are praying for needs that are shared to this team. If you have a need, please fill out the pertinent information here. If you want to participate in this ministry, let us know.

Ministry Staff.

Lynette Beutel
Care Ministries Coordinator
Rachelle Lefebvre
Care Ministries Coordinator

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