Word from the Pastor

Easter Weekend

Welcome to the Langley Campus of Christian Life Assembly. This weekend we will host five services here. Our celebration services commemorate the pinnacle of our faith in Jesus Christ.

  • Good Friday Services at 9 & 11 am
  • Resurrection Sunday at 9 & 11 am (water baptismal opportunity)
  • Recovery Church at 6 pm

Easter weekend for Christians embraces both the hopelessness of death and the promise of victory through resurrection. Good Friday is a sober remembrance of betrayal, suffering, injustice, and death. And there was death on so many levels. The death of dreams, expectations, and the grief of lost friends and deep treachery. Good Friday is dark. It’s a pall that hangs like a deep lament identifying with our brokenness and human loss. The wrath of God is revealed against sin, all human sin, placed upon the sacrificial lamb, Jesus Christ. “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me” has echoed through the centuries. Yet into that darkness, the human failure and Satanic plans for destruction comes hope. A hope that each one of us can identify with today.

The optimism we have today is that “death” did not overcome, nor did sin and tyranny reign on that weekend 2,000 years ago. Resurrection Sunday bursts upon our hearts like light into darkness. Paul writes in Romans 6 “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord”. Christ’s resurrection opens the door for forgiveness of sins, a new life, eternal life. The period of Lent is over. We set aside the fasting, penance, and prayer now to worship the Saviour of the world. Death has been swallowed up in victory. We have been born again into a new and living hope. Our faith is revitalized. We join with 2.3 billion people today to worship and celebrate God’s provision through Jesus.

This week Peter Fassbender (Chair of the CLA Housing Society), the Mayor of Langley Township, our provincial MLA and myself officially opened our new affordable housing complex Jennie Gaglardi Place. This 45-million-dollar apartment building will be home to 98 new families. We have three suites reserved for CLA ambassadors who will be official liaisons to CLA. Today we expand our mission. Today we begin to welcome new people to our property and church.

If you are new to CLA in 2024, I want to personally invite you to our Welcome to Church party next week. After the second service (about 12:30) we are hosting a simple meal and gathering to introduce you to some pastors, ministries and invite you to our Discovery Class (which begins on Wednesday, April 10 at 7 pm for four weeks). The Discovery Class is a vital orientation to help introduce you to all things CLA. My wife Sara-Lee and I host this and we look forward to meeting you personally. If you have never taken the Discovery Class, we urge you to consider attending. You will not regret the time invested.