Word from the Pastor

Eleviva's Mission

A new church for a new generation for a new nation.

Eleviva's mission is to equip churches/leaders in Europe to create and launch new disciple-making communities. Our vision is for young Europeans to find true life in Jesus in life-giving communities of faith. We see “A new church for a new generation for a new nation.” Post christian Europe needs this more than ever!

The approach is simple:

Leadership Development

The training and development of a new generation of leaders is key to change in Europe. Our objective is to assist local churches and the networks to which they belong identify, equip and empower the next generation of church planters to create new communities of faith that will reach their communities with Good News, ultimately transforming their city, region and nation.

The EMPOWER program equips in the practical leadership skills needed to envision, launch and run a new mission initiative. We provide assessment,  coaching and theological grounding to those that are called, capable and courageous to start something new.

Church Planting

Our model is to empower and resource national leaders in their passion to reach their city through the planting of new churches and faith communities. These can be church plants, social agencies, small businesses, and more.

We are advocating for potential partners to offer help to this church planting initiative in the form of financial support, training and the sending of short-term mission teams to work along-side the national church planter in front-line evangelism and community-impact programs. We partner with their home commissioning church to provide support for the infancy of the project, helping it mature to self-sustenance. This strategy is effective because we enlist partners in Canada that commit to a period of support, financially and spiritually.

Currently, Eleviva is working in Italy with a network of churches committed to creating a new church planting movement in their nation, and in Poland, training church planters among Ukrainians that have been displaced by the conflict in their homeland. In all, 150 leaders are currently being equipped to begin a new ministry in Europe, 3 of which are underway in 2024.