Word from the Pastor

Embracing the Call of God

As you pray for us, pray for yourself as well. Ask God to lead you to the things He prepared in advance for you do.

February was such an incredible month at CLA. It is always encouraging to hear the stories of what God is doing through the global workers our church partners. It's a beautiful reminder that the church is so much more than gatherings in buildings, it is at its best when people embrace the call of God on their lives. Nothing stopped God from moving over the last 2 years. Nothing! There is evidence of life change in every corner of our world. Now the church is re-emerging, refined by its challenges and I am thrilled to be a part of it.

In the coming week Pastor Jenni and I are heading to Italy with one of our partners, Thomas Spiridigliozzi. We embark on a short-term mission trip to invest in the rising generation of leaders in two different cities, Naples and Bologna. We are afforded the opportunity to train and inspire dozens of young leaders in both cities, with the hope that many will help move the Kingdom of God forward in their nation. The nation of Italy was battered by Covid, many of its people strangled by religion or atheism. Considering its history as the seat of the church for centuries, it now desperately needs a move of God. What a privilege to be a part of it, please pray for the effectiveness of our mission.

I personally come alive when I invest in young leaders. To inspire their faith and growth has always been and will always be a core passion of mine. I realize that God has shaped me in a specific way to fill this role, but God has also shaped you. There are things He has deposited in you, things tied to the purpose He has for you. In fact Ephesians 2:10 says this; For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. In other words God saw you coming, shaped you with gifts and calls you to a life of fulfillment. When we as the people of God discover that sweet spot, we come alive. Life in God is only a product of living for God. He made you for good works. Maybe there’s a short-term mission in your future, or maybe there’s a mission on your doorstep. Embracing the call of God will bring you alive as well.

As you pray for us, pray for yourself as well. Ask God to lead you to the things He prepared in advance for you do.