Word from the Pastor

From Vision to Action: A Remarkable Start to CLA Missions Emphasis!

CLA exists to bring transformation to BC, Canada, and the world.

We had a marvellous start to our CLA Missions Emphasis! This is an important and deeply held value for us. CLA exists to bring transformation to BC, Canada, and the world. This month informs us, fans into flame our prayers, and motivates us to be faithful and generous. Last week we raised over $100,000 for our two projects in Israel (FIRM property & the van we purchased). What a great start! We have a long way to go but it’s motivating to know we are all working together. If you didn’t see last week’s Beyond Our Walls Israel video, watch it here.

Although Israel is our focus this month, there is so much more that CLA Missions does. This month we sent out our Beyond Our Walls Newsletter with updates from some of our 30 partners. We encourage you to subscribe to this as it will help you deepen your relationships and understanding with all our partners. You can do this here.

This week a dozen women left on a short-term mission to work with Shadow of His Wings in Guatemala. Please pray for this team over the next 10 days as they work and minister there. The team was to go there in October, but due to unrest in the country we had to change our dates. It’s been very challenging to get this reorganized. Thanks to both Dannii Neufeld and Anna Lindberg for helping us make this happen. At CLA we only have a part time administrator, Adriana Andrews, to help with these massive projects. We rely so heavily on volunteers. If you want to know more about Guatemala, watch this.

CLA Missions also launched a social media presence this month. Check out our Facebook page, Instagram account or X account (formerly Twitter).

Next week I am launching a podcast called “The Orange Pew – A CLA & Network Podcast”. It will be available on our CLA YouTube channel, Spotify, Apple podcast and Google podcast. All of our global worker guests from this month will appear on the podcast, you will be able to hear more about what they are doing and why.

As I said last week, I believe those who bless Israel will be blessed. God wants to “open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing upon you”. My challenge is that each individual or family pray and contribute a single significant offering to our Israel project. Like in the past, these spiritual seeds will be watered and will grow. Thank you for your partnership.