Word from the Pastor

Hows It Growing With You

A study was conducted on biblical literacy rates among Christian young adults. The results were sobering: 1) Only one-third knew the chronological order of the following: Abraham, the Old Testament prophets, the death of Christ, and the Day of Pentecost, 2) Only one-third identified Matthew as an apostle of Jesus among a random list of New Testament characters, and, 3) Only one-third answered the book of Acts when asked where Paul’s missionary journeys are found in the Bible. Who were these young adults? They were students from Wheaton College, a renowned Christian college. Most of them had come from Christian homes; many had attended Christian schools growing up; and many were active participants in their churches. Biblical illiteracy is a widespread problem.

Look back in church history and you’ll read in the book of Acts the followers of Jesus stood apart from everyone else. These early disciples were marked by deep devotion to four key Christian markers – the first marker being this: “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching …” (Acts 2:42). This shouldn’t surprise us. The word “disciple” literally means a student, or one who studies under another. For Jesus’ disciples, our textbook is God’s Word, the Holy Bible. Friends, without a growing knowledge of the Bible, there is simply no growing as disciples of Jesus. May I be bold and ask you, How’s it growing with you? Are you growing into a devoted follower of Jesus, as evidenced by a growing understanding of biblical knowledge and devotion to biblical obedience?

At CLA, we are serious about fixing this biblical illiteracy problem. One way we’re trying to fix it is by providing the opportunity to grow in one’s biblical knowledge and walk with Jesus through “Wednesdays in the Word,” comprised of the following adult and children’s electives offered from April 17 to May 22. Details and registration here.

Adult Electives

  • Cherish – a marriage course
  • Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace – a course on handling finances
  • Faith Foundations – a course for newer believers
  • iParent Seminar with Dr. Dave Currie – a course for parents on doing family right
  • Next Level Leaders – a course on how to move to the next level of your leadership
  • Reclaiming Revelation – a course on the book of Revelation

Children’s Elective:

  • Game Changers – a course on becoming a teammate on God’s team