Word from the Pastor

Men's Advance - No Retreat!

Look around you and you’ll see men on the move today like never before. Unfortunately, many of these men are moving in wrong directions. It seems, many men are retreating from their wives and children in unprecedented numbers. In June 2023, BC Parent Magazine sounded the alarm: “There is a fatherless crisis in North America.” They went on to explain:

These children are at a 4 times greater risk of poverty, more likely to have behavioural problems, are more likely to go to prison or commit crime, with girls being 7 times more likely to become pregnant as a teen, and more likely to face abuse and neglect, and if these were not enough to cause major concern, add on that they are also more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, and twice more likely to drop out of school.

What an opportunity the church has to raise up men who will stand a head above those outside the family of God. Regardless of the sobering state of broken marriages and homes outside of the church, God is calling men inside His church to man up and to step up, to become courageous, unswerving, faithful men of God, husbands, and fathers – Godly men who always advance, and never retreat.

Guys, listen up: it’s a battle out there! Ever notice, no battle has ever been won by a lone soldier? To survive, let alone to thrive, every man needs a troop of Godly guys surrounding them and spurring them on. Every man – including you – needs a band of brothers to challenge them to live as courageous Godly men, faithful husbands, and inspiring fathers. It’s no exaggeration: this battle is indeed a matter of life and death! Our wives, children, church and watching world need us to be ever advancing and never retreating men of God.

On June 7-9 at Rockridge Canyon, CLA will be calling all men to resolutely advance into the battle with all Godliness and manliness, and with all marital and parental faithfulness. Rather than retreating like many do CLA will call every guy to become risk-taking, trend-breaking, habit-making Godly men – men whose commitment to and faith in God will become tenacious and uncompromising. Men of CLA, God is calling YOU to advance in battle and to never retreat. Join us, men. Register for CLA Men's Advance: No Retreat! HERE.