Word from the Pastor

My Times Are In Your Hands

One of my favourite passages in the Psalms is 33:14, “I trust in you, O Lord; I say, ‘You are my God.’ My times are in your hands.” In different periods of my life when there has been change, uncertainty, or questions around what God may be doing in my circumstances these words have reminded me of God’s sovereignty. He has faithfully guided my life and family through each season of change. And now again, this is one of those moments. I have just recently given Pastor Derrick my resignation as the Gather Pastor at CLA Langley and accepted an Associate Pastor position at Abbotsford Pentecostal Assembly.

When we came to CLA in the fall of 2021 I expected that our time here would be longer. There were some very clear confirmations of God’s leading here, including a specific prophetic word from a friend that I would soon be “stepping into a new pair of shoes”, exactly one year to the day before my first Sunday at CLA. I was astonished at the clear fulfillment of that word! And now in this moment, I sense the same clear direction to transition to APA. For the past few months we have been feeling the distance between our home in Abbotsford and our church community in Langley. With our family being firmly rooted in Abbotsford it has become clear to me/us that the best thing for family would be for me to work there. I have felt dis-integrated at times with pastoring in a different community both here in CLA and before this in Aldergrove. The position at APA, which is located a couple blocks from our girls' schools, is a really good fit for me and our family. I will be giving leadership and oversight to areas that I naturally gravitate toward: spiritual formation, care ministry, community and connections. It seems like God is providing a ministry assignment that is both tailored to my gifts, and answering the deep needs in my heart and family for integration with church, family, and local community.

The friendships and connections made here are rich and will last, and I've learned a lot in my time here. The depth of prayer at CLA, reliance on the Spirit, passion for worship and mission, reaching the lost and addicted - these have shaped me even in my short time here. I’m so grateful for Pastor Derrick’s investment in me as I’ve sat under his leadership and been encouraged by him as I recently finished my master’s degree. I’m so grateful for the staff and MLT I’ve had the privilege to work with, the incredible volunteer teams in Worship, Tech, and First Impressions, and all the great encouraging people who have become dear to me. This season has given me a wealth of treasure to take with me to the next chapter.

It is sad to leave, but I’m so grateful for the friendships and connections I’ve made with so many here, and I anticipate being able to pick up where we left off whenever we run into each other. I will always treasure this season of ministry with you. Our times are in His hands.With love, and knowing the best is yet to come.