Word from the Pastor

Summer 2021

Summer 2021 has great promise for CLA as we open up and expand ministry and outreach.

A word from Pastor Derrick

Summer 2021 has great promise for CLA as we open up and expand ministry and outreach. We’ve had twenty students join our staff through government grants. Kid’s Ministry, Bus Ministry, Rev, Young Adults and the Communication Dept have all been blessed with summer grants for summer student employment. Pray for these students and for their overseers as Christian discipleship and mentoring takes place.

This summer also brings change to our CLA Care Ministry. Pastor Bill Ashbee is moving to part time work as he prepares for retirement. Bill joined the CLA staff in March 2004. For seventeen years he has been faithful in helping care for people in need. He is often the front line face of CLA for people coming to the Langley Campus. He helps coordinate Christian Counselling, marriages, funerals, and benevolence. He has built teams for visitation and care. This year he has participated with our Calling Team in contacting hundreds of people from CLA. He is assisted part time by Rachelle Lefebvre (and Rachelle is also part time YA’s pastor). As we prepare to hire a Gather Pastor, Pastor Doug Frederick will be moving over to take on a partnership with Pastor Bill to allow our succession plan to be seamless. I’m so grateful for Pastor Doug’s pastoral heart and ministry experience. This fall Pastor Doug will continue to serve Summit Pacific College in their Pastoral Theology program (part time) and CLA Care Ministries (part time). We are looking to build new teams for pastoral care. This is what we are looking for….

  • Care Team with Shepherding Spiritual Gifts
  • Ability to nurture and care for people towards spiritual goals
  • Love people, providing guidance through a model of Christian life
  • Prayer for people
  • Help with practical and necessary tasks to support people in need
  • Time and energy for a weekly or bi-weekly assignment
  • Desire to be part of a team
  • Interested in growing both their faith and skills as they serve the Body of Christ
  • If that’s you, we need you to volunteer! Please contact Pastor Bill or Pastor Doug or send an email to Rachelle at rachelle.lefebvre@clachurch.com.

Our goal is to build a lay pastoral team for visitation of shut ins, hospitals, care homes, those broken by life and circumstances. In emergencies we want to respond to our congregation with love and sincere help. Pray for this important ministry.

One last point. If you are looking for professional Christian counselling to help you or a family member deal with an obstacle or stress (it could be relational, spiritual, emotional, or mental health related) we have a list of approved Christian counsellors to assist you. Our pastors are not trained counsellors therefore we support others who are. If you would like a reference, please contact our Care Ministry Department.