BC Boxes of Love

At Douglas Park Elementary School and Nicomekl Elementary, this will be our 14th year of BC Boxes of Love! At these schools, CLA Langley has been known for the love that we give. BC BOL are shoeboxes filled with toiletries, art supplies, summer toys and a candy treat. For the past 9 years, the principals of the schools have invited us to teach lessons on kindness, generosity, love, and how to give back to their community. This year our theme is A PINCH OF LOVE, and our amazing Kids Ministry team has put together a presentation that will be shown to the kids before they receive their BC BOL.

BC BOL is a perfect example of coming together to let the Christ’s LOVE shine in the community of Langley. There are so many people that make this happen:

CityServe Staff – sourcing gifts CLA Kids Team and CLA Families – presentation
Communications Team – filming, editing, and producing visual content
REV – building the shoeboxes boxes
Young Adults – filling the BC BOL
CityServe Volunteers – delivering BC BOL to schools

This project has grown in both depth and width throughout the years. Together we give these boxes and through them we are given further opportunity to LOVE. That is a responsibility that we don’t take lightly. As relationships are developing and trust is building, we have seen some families come to CLA. This is exciting, organic growth that God is orchestrating. We need you to partner with us, to continue in the good work that God is opening doors to! Click here to support BC Boxes of Love.