Word from the Pastor

Building His Church

Over the first week of spring break, we had the opportunity to run our first spring break camp in Sooke. We were able to have a team travel to Sooke from the Maple Ridge Campus. Pastor Garrett brought four students with him from Maple Ridge to help serve the community. The weeks leading up to our camp, we faced some challenges, issues were brought up with local government, issues with advertisement, and others, but we still saw awesome things take place.

We were blessed to host some kids from our community whose parents have had struggles finding programing and care that are able to handle their children’s uniqueness’s. Over the days of our camp, we were able to build relationships with kids, and show parents and families the love that we have for the next generation. The mother of one young boy was quite surprised that we were able to care for her child well, that we were able to love him with the heart of Christ. We had other children from our community who had a great time running, jumping, worshipping, and learning about who Jesus is and what He has done for them and the way that He can impact their lives.

We eagerly anticipate other opportunities that lay ahead for the Sooke Campus as we look at our community, and discover how we can serve, how we can partner with those God is placing in our path. We believe that God is continually building His church, and so with expectation, we have made a change.

We have begun to host two services in our building, for the first time since the launch of this church in the early 90’s, before joining with CLA. We are so excited to see how God is going to use this sacrifice of time and energy to advance the Kingdom of Heaven in Sooke. We have had conversations as leadership of the campus with people in our community who have already expressed interest in our second service. We believe that by offering a 4pm service, we will reach a different group of people and that God’s Kingdom will spread to new areas of our community. Would you pray with us, that God would continue to build His church in Sooke, that He would continue to draw people to Himself.