Beyond Our Walls

As a church, we support over 30+ global workers, projects and ministries per year. Our vision is to reach beyond the walls of CLA and make an impact in our world in practical and spiritual ways.

CLA Missions rejoices in the remarkable things God is doing as together we support over 30+ ministry partners and projects around the world and in our community. On the first Sunday of each month we go beyond our walls to hear what God is doing through us, His body His church, to reach His world, to bring His love, comfort and hope.


We have a monthly missions letter featuring various CLA Global Workers and projects, keeping you current with what is happening. Sign up here to receive the letter each month.



Our goal of $20,000 provides more than just 625 boxes, it also provides a scholarship at Langley Secondary School, our mobile food bank, and many other initiatives. When you give towards this project, you are communicating the love of CLA for the community.

Refugee Sponsorship Ministry

CLA is responding to this global refugee crisis with our new Refugee Sponsorship Ministry, that will be coordinated by a committee. Watch the video to learn more about our new ministry.

Church Planting in Italy

Our goal is to raise $25,000 in April, as a new project for church planting in Italy is rolled out, may we again be divinely enabled to fuel it with sacrificial giving.


February is Missions Month. A time to celebrate the hard work of our supported missionaries, hear stories from overseas and gather an offering that makes up a large portion of the annual budget. It is an opportunity to expose the congregation to the current state of church missions so that they can be a part of the future.

Thanks you for partnering with us. Together we have raised $232,000 for Missions!

Below are the 4 projects we supported this month and updates.

Interview with Christo and Sarah Emmanuel | Living God Church | Chennai, India

We are raised $33,000 to help complete their new church building in Chennai, India. Watch the video to hear more about this project.

Interview with Wayne Hilsden | King of Kings Church | Jerusalem, Israel

We are raised $40,000 to help the King of Kings Church in Jerusalem. Watch the video to hear more about this project.

Interview with Paul Corriveau | Carrefour Chrétien de la Capitale | Quebec City, Canada

We are raised $25,000 to help Carrefour Chrétien de la Capitale build a new church building in Quebec City.

Interview with Andrew Hawkes and his colleague | Southeast Asia | RAN

We are raised $44,000 to help pay rent for safe houses for women and girls fleeing from a human and sex trafficking.

Help us tell the story of Christmas to our community.

Help renovate our Sooke Campus. Goal: $50,000. Donate Here.

So far we've raised $42,000 towards our $50,000 goal for Sooke Campus Renovations. Donate Here.

This year Boxes of Love Zambia looks a bit different.

We have raised $70,000 of our $75,000 goal for 2,200 Boxes of Love. This weekend the container was packed, not only with the Boxes of Love but also with supplies and special designations for the ministry in Zambia. We are still hoping that the CLA short term mission team scheduled to go in May will be able to meet the container and deliver the Boxes of Love in person.

Even if we can't go to Guatemala, we can still support the amazing work that is ongoing.

In November we raised about $10,000 of our $15,000 goal to help support the James Project in Guatemala. Each year CLA sends two teams (men’s and women’s) to be a blessing to this important work. Due to Covid we could not do that this year. Therefore, this gift was a very important gesture of support in challenging times.

The good work God is using CLA to do Poland - Church Planting and School of Missions.

In August we raised $15,600 to send to Poland to continue the support of training Polish church planters to go to Northeast Poland to begin their work. The funds also went towards supporting young adults from all over Poland who joined a program at the Seminary in Warsaw where they had opportunity to learn and grow spiritual disciplines, do ministry around Poland and go to Greece on a missions trip.

We have the opportunity to be Jesus' hands and feet to His faithful servants in Bangladesh.

In September, CLA raised over $20,000 of our $25,000 goal to support 350 pastors in Bangladesh who were affected by Covid-19. These funds were directed straight to pastors and their families who were struggling during the pandemic. This allowed many small churches to carry on ministry when everything was shut down by government.

Together we support 30+ missionaries or agencies, your donation to our Missions General Account goes towards this. Every month we need $25,000 to allow our monthly missionary commitments to be met. You can also see a list of our missionaries and the work they are doing.

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