Perhaps this is a moment for which you have been created.

Esther 4:14

Are you interested in volunteering in or through Christian Life Assembly? Then welcome to ServeWire, CLA’s powerful online tool designed to help you discover, through five easy steps, how God has uniquely SHAPEd you to serve Him, and where God may be calling you to do serve him in a volunteer capacity.

For ServeWire to work best for you in discovering your unique God-given SHAPE, you will be asked about the following critical areas:

  • S piritual Gifts – What spiritual gifts has God equipped you to serve with?
  • H eart – Who are you most passionate about serving?
  • A bilities – What do you believe are your God-given abilities?
  • P ersonality – How has God wired you and your personality?
  • E xperience – Where in the past have you been most fruitful in service?

ServeWire will then match you to potential volunteer positions in or through Christian Life Assembly for you to consider – volunteer positions that best fit your unique God-given SHAPE.

Ready to engage in ServeWire? Begin HERE.

Please Note: If you have already taken ServeWire and would like to revisit and review potential volunteer matches, please click here.


Be a part of our family ministry. Roles range from arts and worship opportunities to working directly with children and teaching them about Jesus.

Creative/Technical Arts

Work with our film, graphics, motion graphics, digital, writing, and audio teams, helping creatively support our worship experiences and different ministries. There are opportunities available for a variety of skill levels. Offering both technical and non-technical opportunities. Production members help create smooth-running Worship Experiences. We'll provide the training needed.


If you're looking to serve in your gifting as a musician, singer, or Worship leader, we'd love to meet you and get you connected.

Guest Experience

Use your gifts of hospitality and service to welcome, inform, and serve our guests.


Ideal if you enjoy behind-the-scenes roles, or have a flexible weekday schedule. All central opportunities are during the week at the church office, helping staff with administrative tasks and other projects.

Staff Opportunities

If you're looking to join our staff at CLA, check out our careers page for more information. We frequently have openings and opportunities.